Spring cocktail parties

As winter is wrapping up, many of us can look forward to the Spring weather and the fresh new events it will bring. If you want to deliver the best possible setting for your guests, look into event furniture hire in Sydney and get professional assistance throughout the planning process. Remember that once everything is in full bloom, you can use the best of what Spring has to offer to enhance the styling for your next Cocktail party!

Finding the right furniture

When you’re organising the perfect furniture for your event, the first thing you need to consider is the guest list. The more guests you have, the more furniture you’re likely to need. Will your guests require plenty of comfortable seating? Or would cocktail tables be more appropriate to encourage guests to stay mobile and network? These are the sorts of questions you need to ask yourself before looking for furniture hire quotes. Alternatively, a professional events service will understand exactly what furniture you will need to suit the guests and the venue. It is their job to understand the space and help you create an atmosphere that is bound to make your event a hit.
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Styling for Spring

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Floral arrangements make stunning accent pieces for events throughout the year, but Spring is always a great time to showcase their true beauty. When people think Spring, they think flowers, and with the help of professional stylists, you can create a fresh and fabulous look that your guests will remember for years to come. Consider what colours to feature and how these fit in with the venue and purpose of the event. If it’s a corporate or charity event, keep branding consistent by incorporating company colours into floral arrangements or other accent pieces. Try to coordinate similar colours and textures to keep the overall look and feel of your event consistent and balanced.

The venue

Choosing the right venue for your cocktail party is one of the first decisions you need to make. When you’re checking out a venue, try to imagine how you would fill the space. Professional advice is always helpful, and with the number of companies offering event styling in Sydney, it’s worth hiring an expert to help navigate any details you might overlook. To make your Cocktail party extra memorable, consider themed stations. Make a standard refreshments table its own feature piece using clever combinations of food, drinks and decorations to capture a theme and wow your guests.

If you’re planning to host a cocktail party this Spring, Rocket Events can help you organise the finer details to deliver an event your guests will remember. From styling to event furniture hire in Sydney, we understand how to help you create the perfect atmosphere for your next Cocktail party. Give us a call on 9838 9088 to have a chat about your plans and how we can help you make it extra special.

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