RACA: Creating the Perfect Wedding Atmosphere

Wedding is a special day for every couple. It is a day where friends and family come together to see two people declare their love for one another. A lot of planning and preparation goes into making the day memorable for all involved, and a large part involves choosing a picturesque location with ornate decorations.

A simply breath-taking venue, the Royal Automobile Club of Australia is a heritage listed building with ornate glasswork and style. Offering newlyweds and their guests an opportunity to discover a part of Sydney’s history, the building provides the perfect backdrop for the big day. With its proximity to iconic Sydney landmarks like the Opera House and the Botanic Gardens, the Royal Automobile Club of Australia makes for an ideal reception location after nearby photography sessions or outdoor wedding ceremonies.

With an amazing location secured, special attention needs to be given to decorations. In order to perfectly complement the sensational beauty of the Royal Automobile Club of Australia, equally elaborate decorations are needed for the big day. Rocket Events, the experts when it comes to event styling and event prop hire in Sydney, have worked alongside the RACA numerous times to create the perfect wedding atmosphere.

Rocket Events have a history of successfully providing decorations and furnishings for weddings at the Royal Automobile Club of Australia. Vintage vases can intimately tie in with the classic appeal of the RACA reception centre, along with timeless look of golden candelabras. Bringing a personal touch to the big day, Rocket Events can provide centrepieces and floral arrangements that are delicately crafted to tie in with the style and colour scheme of the bridal party.

Combined with the right backdrop, Rocket events can give the room a sense of vibrancy, and can help to bring the room further to life. A well presented and decorated room can sweep wedding guests off their feet. Rocket Events can complete the package by providing seating and lounges that will tie in with the sense of grandeur of the Royal Automobile Club of Australia.

Having provided decorations and furnishings for numerous weddings at the Royal Automobile Club of Australia, the team at Rocket Events have a sound understanding of how to get the most out of this prestigious venue. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, our professionals will work with you to make a day you won’t forget.

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