Luxury weddings

Your wedding is one of those significant life events that brings memories you will cherish forever. Starting the next stage of life with your partner is a wonderful moment, especially when you’re surrounded by your loved ones. To ensure that every part of your special day is as perfect as can be, make sure you find the perfect wedding furniture for hire in Sydney because this can take the atmosphere of your wedding to the next level. If you’re yet to choose the theme or styling for your big day, here are a few reasons why a luxury wedding could be the way to go.


Your wedding décor should have a timeless class to it, and luxury styling is something that never really goes out of fashion. The colours you focus on should fit well with a luxury theme. Both white and gold are associated with glamour and elegance, but they also work well together to create a stylish environment for any event. The white wedding is a classic, but with the right details such as textured furniture and colourful floral arrangements you can make it your own.



Luxury event styling in Sydney is a lasting trend. The popularity of social media platforms like Instagram has made appearance even more important as your guests will want to document the experience almost as much as you! Luxury wedding furniture is designed to photograph well and make you feel like a million dollars. Consider getting a flower wall to give your reception a burst of colour and greenery for your guests to pose in front of.



Everyone goes to their fair share of weddings in a lifetime, but you want yours to stand out from the rest. True luxury styling is something we don’t experience often, and it is likely to leave a lasting impression on all your guests. Most importantly, it can make you and your partner feel extra special on your day. Going the extra mile for life’s biggest moments is always worth it.



A luxury wedding needs to run smoothly and to take the pressure off, it’s always a good idea to consider professional help. If you’re prepared to handle most of the planning yourself, it’s important to look into your options for event furniture hire in Sydney because this will determine the overall look and feel of your wedding. Make sure you have someone there on the day to take care of any issues and keep everything in good shape in the lead up to the ceremony. You don’t want to spend half your special day stressing out, leave that to the professionals!

If you need a hand with event furniture hire in Sydney, Rocket Events are the team to call. We specialise in luxury wedding furniture and we know how to make your day extra special. Give us a call on 9838 9088 to have a chat about your wedding plans today.

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