Garden parties

Now that the warmer months have started to roll in, more and more outdoor events begin popping up in the calendar. From weekend BBQs with the neighbours to engagement parties and baby showers, this is the time of year when outdoor events take centre stage. Set up can prove a little difficult without the right supplies but there are plenty of places to get event furniture for hire in Sydney. Since this is the season when everything starts to come to life, why not throw a blooming gorgeous Garden Party?

How do I find the right outdoor furniture?

The outdoor space you have available for the party will determine how many people you should invite and the kinds of furniture you will need to look at hiring for the occasion. Position comfortable lounges and chairs around coffee tables to make it convenient for guests to rest drinks and food on. Depending on the time of day, you will need to consider shade or lighting options. If you’re hosting a garden party during the day make sure you have plenty of refreshments available and umbrellas protecting lounge areas from too much sun. If you’re planning an afternoon event, consider hiring lanterns or festoon lights to keep the party going into the evening.

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How do you style an outdoor event?

Styling a Garden party can be difficult without outdoor furniture hire. Some companies that offer event furniture for hire can also provide stylists to help you create the perfect setting for your guests. These professionals can help you choose colours and textures that complement your surroundings and find the best furniture to suit the occasion. If you find that parts of your garden are a little plain, use bold colours in furniture or accent pieces to balance the space.


To theme or not to theme?

If you’re committed to creating a themed event for your next garden party, there are a few great options for the Spring season. From Alice in Wonderland tea parties for the kids to a Hamptons themed soirée for the ladies, there are plenty of great themes to choose from. If you’re looking to host an event will really take the cake, a Melbourne Cup celebration could be the perfect choice for you. Treat your guests to a day of fabulous fascinators and Spring racing sunshine with sophisticated and stylish decorations for all to admire. Whether you decide to choose a theme or not, a garden party is a brilliant option this season.

If you would like to plan an outdoor event this Spring season, Rocket Events can help you create the perfect party with some of the best event styling in Sydney. Give us a call on 9838 9088 to start organising the party of the season today!

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