Spring cocktail parties

As winter is wrapping up, many of us can look forward to the Spring weather and the fresh new events it will bring. If you want to deliver the best possible setting for your guests, look into event furniture hire in Sydney and get professional assistance throughout the planning process. Remember that once everything is in full bloom, you can use the best of what Spring has to offer to enhance the styling for your next Cocktail party!

Finding the right furniture

When you’re organising the perfect furniture for your event, the first thing you need to consider is the guest list. The more guests you have, the more furniture you’re likely to need. Will your guests require plenty of comfortable seating? Or would cocktail tables be more appropriate to encourage guests to stay mobile and network? These are the sorts of questions you need to ask yourself before looking for furniture hire quotes. Alternatively, a professional events service will understand exactly what furniture you will need to suit the guests and the venue. It is their job to understand the space and help you create an atmosphere that is bound to make your event a hit.
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Styling for Spring

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Floral arrangements make stunning accent pieces for events throughout the year, but Spring is always a great time to showcase their true beauty. When people think Spring, they think flowers, and with the help of professional stylists, you can create a fresh and fabulous look that your guests will remember for years to come. Consider what colours to feature and how these fit in with the venue and purpose of the event. If it’s a corporate or charity event, keep branding consistent by incorporating company colours into floral arrangements or other accent pieces. Try to coordinate similar colours and textures to keep the overall look and feel of your event consistent and balanced.

The venue

Choosing the right venue for your cocktail party is one of the first decisions you need to make. When you’re checking out a venue, try to imagine how you would fill the space. Professional advice is always helpful, and with the number of companies offering event styling in Sydney, it’s worth hiring an expert to help navigate any details you might overlook. To make your Cocktail party extra memorable, consider themed stations. Make a standard refreshments table its own feature piece using clever combinations of food, drinks and decorations to capture a theme and wow your guests.

If you’re planning to host a cocktail party this Spring, Rocket Events can help you organise the finer details to deliver an event your guests will remember. From styling to event furniture hire in Sydney, we understand how to help you create the perfect atmosphere for your next Cocktail party. Give us a call on 9838 9088 to have a chat about your plans and how we can help you make it extra special.

How to make sure your Gala dinner is a hit

How to make sure your Gala dinner is a hit.j
able set formal with flower vase and glass.

Organising an event is never a simple task and a gala dinner is no exception. There are plenty of elements to keep track of and there’s a lot of planning needed to make sure no small detail is overlooked.

Before you agree to coordinate a gala dinner, you need to understand what you’re committing to and work out whether you’re up to the task. It’s always a good idea to look at the benefits of hiring an event planner as someone with experience and contacts in the industry will prove to be extremely helpful.

Consider the cause

It’s important to take the cause into consideration before making any major planning decisions surrounding theme or venue. Think about what the event is for and what you hope to gain from holding it, as these answers should be used to guide your decision making throughout the planning stages. 

Table with plates and glass in a formal event

“It’s important to take the cause into consideration before making any major planning decisions surrounding theme or venue.”

Your venue needs to provide the right atmosphere for your guests and work well with the purpose or theme of the event. Recently, we organised a dinner for the Australian National Maritime Museum.  The waterfront venue was a clear choice, offering a lovely view that reflects the cause and client. 

The styling was kept pleasant yet simple, providing an elegant setting without distracting from the waterfront view. Remember that styling is always a crucial element of your Gala Dinner as first impressions can make or break a guest’s perception of an entire event.

Get Creative

There isn’t always a lot of room for creativity, but with the right venue, bold styling can work wonders. Striking combinations of colour or enticing centerpieces can take the atmosphere of your Gala Dinner to the next level.

One of our recent events at the University of Sydney offered an extraordinary venue that gave us the perfect opportunity to use striking styling, dynamic lighting and bold colour combinations. 

Expect the unexpected

Remember that a successful event comes from thorough organisation and plenty of planning ahead. You must always expect the unexpected and be ready to resolve any issues that may arise in the lead up to the event or even on the night itself.

Rocket Events has decades of experience coordinating Gala Dinners and events for a wide range of clients. If you’re interested in hiring an event planner for your big night, give us a call on 9838 9088 to find out how we can make your next Gala Dinner a hit.


How to make an impression at the ICC Sydney

How to make an impression at the ICC Sydney

Exhibitions at the International Convention Centre (ICC) Sydney are a great way to improve brand awareness and attract new customers. At Rocket Events we offer professional themed party hire Sydney and have helped many clients create a stand that effectively communicates their brand and engages attendees. Through careful selection of furniture and efficient use of space and lighting we can help you get the most out of your next exhibition at the ICC.

Keep it simple

Don’t distract from your product. You don’t need to fill every square metre of your stand with furniture to make an impression on potential customers. We understand which pieces will best display your product without crowding the space. Avoid overstocking your stand. By limiting the products on display you can keep the area tidy and have the room necessary to demonstrate or move around stock as required.

Use space wisely

Making the most of the space you’re given is half the battle. We can help you utilise the space you have, avoiding clutter and allowing potential customers to flow in and out of your stall easily. By using wall space, we can help you show more merchandise without limiting traffic. Don’t let access affect your appeal, with the right furniture your stand can be open and welcoming for anyone passing by.

Stand out

You don’t want to blend in with the competition. Glow bars are a great way to catch the eye and can be used to display your branding clearly and effectively. We understand how lighting, branding and the right furniture can be used to make an impression on attendees and help them remember your business. We will work with you to create a design that is appealing and engaging to your potential customers.

Rocket Events is your one-stop shop for exhibition furniture needs. Let us create a stylish and memorable display to appeal to your market! Contact us today to find out how we can help your brand make an impression at the ICC Sydney.

MCA: Hosting memorable corporate exhibits

Museum of Contemporary Arts: hosting memorable corporate exhibits

While many works of art can be open to interpretation, there is no denying that they can make for a sensational backdrop for an exhibition. With this in mind, Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Arts can transform itself into a picturesque and unique exhibition centre making it an ideal site for corporate events.

The Museum of Contemporary Arts offers three rooms for private functions, each with a breathtaking view of Circular Quay. The Foundation Hall boast an impressive 450 square meters of floor space, with the Quayside and Harbourside rooms having 290 and 360 square meters respectively. These generously sized rooms can easily accommodate many exhibitor’s requirements, with the terraces offering an area for visitors to relax and unwind.

Hosting a corporate event at the Museum of Contemporary Arts presents the hosts with a unique environment that showcases one of Sydney’s key attractions. To keep an exhibit in line with the stunning visual appeal of this unique location, furnishing it with contemporary display pieces is a key component.

Having furnished a number of corporate exhibits at the Museum of Contemporary Arts, as well as many high-end venues throughout Sydney, the team at Rocket Events are well versed in providing corporate event hire in Sydney to suit any style.

To suit the style of the Museum of Contemporary Arts, Rocket Events can provide exhibitors with modern looking tables, boxes and other furnishings that have their own artistic appeal. Working with an experienced design team, exhibitors can be assured that not only will their displays look the part, but that the right lighting is used to set the mood. With many different colours for furnishings and lighting available, it is possible to tailor a colour scheme to match corporate branding.

In building the ambience for the outdoor terrace areas, Rocket Events provides luxurious outdoor settings to help set visitors at ease. With spectacular views of Circular Quay, couches and sunbeds can be provided in a wide range of colours to add a unique touch to the experience.

With over 20 years of successfully furnishing corporate exhibits throughout Sydney, including the Museum of Contemporary Arts, the team at Rocket Events will work alongside you to ensure a memorable occasion.

ICC: Exhibitions with a Touch of Flair

ICC Rocket Events

When it comes to putting on an event, organisers will look for a venue that not only suits their needs, but that looks sensational as well. Located in the heart of Sydney’s Darling Harbour, the International Convention Centre Sydney is an ultra-modern building capable of hosting all manner of corporate, entertainment and private events. Having been designed by renowned architectural firms Hassell and Populous to have a crystalline façade inspired by the waters of Cockle Bay, the ICC is Australia’s largest exhibition area.


The large exhibition venue, with a capacity of 35,000 square metres, can easily accommodate three separate events at the same time. In the buildings centre is Australia’s largest ballroom, as well as meeting rooms, theatres, media centres and business suites. Furnishing such an elaborate venue is no easy task, but it is something that Rocket Event Services have excelled at.


Working closely with event coordinators at ICC, Rocket Events have been able to cater packages to suit the varying needs of the exhibitors while maintaining a high-end look and feel. In order to maximise the comfort of visitors to functions, a number of lounges and ottomans are available in differing styles and colours. The team at Rocket Events will offer design tips to ensure the mood is right.


For exhibitors, basic furnishings such as tables and chairs are readily available, and can provide a functional display with a polished and professional feel. It is the additional items however that are used to add a touch of flair to displays. Lighting features can be added to brighten up a display in conventional ways, such as lamps and strip lighting, helping to highlight and accentuate the display. But why stop there?


While lanterns can provide functional light for an event, feature lighting can be used to set the tone. Rocket Events can provide glow bars, illuminated boxes that emit a warm coloured light. With a wide range of colours, glow cubes can help create a futuristic atmosphere with a striking look.


With a history of providing furnishings for many events at the ICC Sydney, combined with over 20 years of industry experience, the professionals at Rocket Events can help you create an unforgettable event.

RACA: Creating the Perfect Wedding Atmosphere

Wedding is a special day for every couple. It is a day where friends and family come together to see two people declare their love for one another. A lot of planning and preparation goes into making the day memorable for all involved, and a large part involves choosing a picturesque location with ornate decorations.

A simply breath-taking venue, the Royal Automobile Club of Australia is a heritage listed building with ornate glasswork and style. Offering newlyweds and their guests an opportunity to discover a part of Sydney’s history, the building provides the perfect backdrop for the big day. With its proximity to iconic Sydney landmarks like the Opera House and the Botanic Gardens, the Royal Automobile Club of Australia makes for an ideal reception location after nearby photography sessions or outdoor wedding ceremonies.

With an amazing location secured, special attention needs to be given to decorations. In order to perfectly complement the sensational beauty of the Royal Automobile Club of Australia, equally elaborate decorations are needed for the big day. Rocket Events, the experts when it comes to event styling and event prop hire in Sydney, have worked alongside the RACA numerous times to create the perfect wedding atmosphere.

Rocket Events have a history of successfully providing decorations and furnishings for weddings at the Royal Automobile Club of Australia. Vintage vases can intimately tie in with the classic appeal of the RACA reception centre, along with timeless look of golden candelabras. Bringing a personal touch to the big day, Rocket Events can provide centrepieces and floral arrangements that are delicately crafted to tie in with the style and colour scheme of the bridal party.

Combined with the right backdrop, Rocket events can give the room a sense of vibrancy, and can help to bring the room further to life. A well presented and decorated room can sweep wedding guests off their feet. Rocket Events can complete the package by providing seating and lounges that will tie in with the sense of grandeur of the Royal Automobile Club of Australia.

Having provided decorations and furnishings for numerous weddings at the Royal Automobile Club of Australia, the team at Rocket Events have a sound understanding of how to get the most out of this prestigious venue. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, our professionals will work with you to make a day you won’t forget.