How we can make your corporate event a success

Are you holding a corporate event for your business?

From conferences and trade shows to business dinners and holiday parties, you’ll want to make sure your event is a hit!

To make your event successful, you need to be certain that your guests and customers will love the experience. The team at Rocket Events has styled plenty of corporate events to know exactly what it takes to make yours a success.

To discover the many ways you can hold a successful event, read below.

Trade shows and product launches

When it comes to corporate events, it’s important to set the scene and create a special environment that entertains and excites your customers and staff alike. At Rocket Events, we know how to redefine a corporate event from normal to exceptional.  

To stand out in a crowd, we recommend looking at using the latest greenery walls and luxury furniture that will be the basis of your trade stand. Let us develop your strategy and incorporate it into a clear message that will enhance your brand and captivate your audience, and most importantly, will get you noticed at the trade show.

Are you holding a product launch? You’ll want to stay away from the plain basic furniture seating most companies use. To add character to your event, we can help you pick multiple styles from our furniture hire catalogue. From luxurious lounge settings to colourful LED lights, we have plenty of options that will give you the flare you need to exhibit your brand.


Is your business celebrating a holiday or a successful product launch? When it comes to parties, Rocket Events has a wide collection of props and furniture that will suit all occasions.

To make memorable moments, you’d want to consider having a theme for your next event. We’ve provided plenty of clients with party prop hire across Sydney for themed parties – and we can do the same for you! From Moroccan to Enchanted Forest, there isn’t a theme we can’t meet.

If you aren’t after a theme, our styling, in general, will be enough to exceed your expectations. We have a wide catalogue of decorative hire products you can incorporate into your event. From table centres to curtain drapes and couch cushions, expect that Rocket Events can cover every area of your event.

As for the location, we adapt and tailor around your desired venue. It is evident from our portfolio of previous events that we can deliver you a party no matter the place. From horse stables to warehouses, no challenge is big enough for Rocket Events!

Dinners and cocktail events

Have you got a gala dinner or cocktail event coming up later this year? You’ll want Rocket Events to help you set up your event. We have a selection of deluxe products that will add to any dinner – cocktail or banquet. If you have particular brand colours, we have linen, cushions, bar furniture and everything in between that will suit your colour scheme.

You won’t have to worry about seating, too. We have some of the best table and chair hires in Sydney. With our extensive furniture collection of different shapes and styles, our range will tend to all your guests and impress them to no end.

As for styling? We have products that will transform any space into a spectacular atmosphere. Our styling skills are not to be underestimated and will exceed all your expectations.

For your next corporate event hire in Sydney, come to Rocket Events! Offering our services Sydney-wide, we are dedicated to providing you with the best event possible to uphold your corporate reputation.

For more information on how we can help your event be one to remember, give us a call on 02 9838 9088.

How to make an impression at the ICC Sydney

The International Convention Centre (ICC) is a multi-space that we can as a business, offer services to both the venue and customers of the venue. Located in the middle of the Darling Harbour precinct, the ICC is a convenient and accessible location to hold an exhibition, conference or gala dinner. At Rocket Events, we offer professional event styling in Sydney and have years of experience helping clients communicate their brand to their attendees through events from conventions to banquets. We use a careful selection of furniture to make the most out of the space, lighting, signage, messaging and branding to ensure our client gets the most out of their events at the ICC. To discover how we can help your next event at the ICC, read below.

Banquets and galas

Do you have a banquet or gala dinner coming up? The ICC Sydney has multiple large ballrooms on offer that would make the perfect space for your next banquet/ gala dinner.  With the variety of adjustable spaces the ICC has to offer, Rocket Events has the perfect catalogue to fit any area and space. We have a gorgeous selection of décor that can transform the space into a fantastic event. Why not add to your event and incorporate a theme that sets the mood and engages your guests and customers into something they love and most importantly remember. With our experience and range, we can simply create the spectacular. Looking to include table centres and ceiling drapes into your next gala dinner? Both are a great addition for styling your event. With our range, there isn’t a theme we can’t match or style.

Conferences and conventions

The ICC Sydney is well known for its conventions and conference spaces, and Rocket Events has the perfection furniture to leave guests amazed. From professional conferences to engaging convention demonstrations, we have furniture and décor that fits both atmospheres and all in between. Maybe you wanted to incorporate the latest on trend furniture into your cocktail event? Our luxury velvet furniture can turn the space from just business to the wow factor all our customers and clients expect. Or did you want lounges for people to rest and meet and connect in between conference sessions? We have a large range of furniture on offer that will suit any brand or theme. If you were wanting to fit several areas in the ICC, we are also fully suited for large scale events.


Are you holding an exhibition for your business or brand? You’ll want to present your guests with an impressive stand that leaves them captivated and wanting to know more about your brand. At the ICC, exhibitions aren’t a rare event, so you’ll want to provide a stand that makes you stand out from the crowd. We have a variety of products that will allow your stand to be the most engaging in the room. Our glow range is a great addition to any exhibition and will captivate and engage potential customers to your stand. Or if you wanted to create an atmosphere that will make your attendees forget they are even in the ICC, utilising our range of green walls and plants is a great way to decorate your stand.

Meetings and seminars

Planning a meeting or seminar? You’ll want to have high-quality chairs and furniture to keep your visitors engaged. With Rocket Events, we have a large range of furniture that will achieve any style you desire. Maybe you are offering food and drinks to your guests? We have a great selection of bars and stools that will be perfect for your next meeting. Regardless of which room you use or the space available, we adjust to all situations to give you the best set up possible.

Theatres and entertainment

The ICC has a large theatre that is perfect for entertainers and events. When having entertainers, a green room is a great addition to your event that will leave your guests feeling satisfied and impressed. Previously organising green rooms for notable acts, we know how and what makes the perfect green room and how to style it.

Interested in hiring Rocket Events for your next event at the ICC? We provide all our customers with our high standard services to ensure you have a smooth and successful event. With a large location such as the ICC, we can provide you with services for several areas in the one location. For your go-to supplier at the ICC, contact us today to find out how we can help your brand make an impression at the ICC Sydney.

Rustic weddings

Your wedding will be one of the most special days in your life, so it’s important to think about what kind of wedding is right for you and your partner. The style that you choose is your starting point because once you have that, you can look at venues and the wedding furniture hire in Sydney that best suits what you have in mind. Rustic weddings are one of the most popular choices around at the moment but to get the best results, it’s always a good idea to look into professional event styling in Sydney. This will take a lot of the stress out of planning and help make your special day as memorable as can be.

Details are everything

There are so many things to think about when planning a wedding but that’s half the fun! Think of each part of the planning as a puzzle piece that comes together to form one incredible picture. This is why all the little details are so important because you need to work out how something like lighting or seating will fit into the bigger picture. If you are looking at lighting, consider paper lanterns and festoon lights with a warm glow. Together, these can create the perfect atmosphere for your reception.

Make it personal

This is your special day, so think about the things that are important to you and allocate the budget accordingly. If you love a bit of wow factor, you could have a lighting feature like this Mr & Mrs sign. If you want something extra personal, you could get your own names up in lights! The event furniture hire in Sydney that you choose should be based on your venue so that you can keep the styling consistent and make the most of the space you’ll be using. Remember that rustic weddings tend to be more laidback and relaxed than formal and traditional ceremonies. Something as simple as a chalk board could be used to share the menu or even a wedding hashtag with your guests. Talk to your event stylist or the staff at the venue to incorporate some personal touches.

Use nature as much as possible

Rustic weddings are all about getting back to our roots and making all things natural the highlight of the day. Outdoor or open venues are best for this kind of theme to give the setting a natural backdrop. The venue and décor are the most important parts of a rustic wedding so think carefully about the type of venues you consider and the atmosphere that they will bring to your special day.

Don’t underestimate the power of flowers

The right floral arrangements can take your whole wedding to the next level. For a rustic wedding, combine your choice of flowers with greenery to make it feel authentic and a little more wild. Draw the eyes up by hanging these arrangements from above. When paired with the right lighting, this styling has a stunning effect.

If you’re interested in a rustic wedding for your big day, talk to Rocket Events. We have plenty of experience making our clients dream weddings into a reality. We help you every step of the way to ensure that the process is as seamless and stress-free as possible. Give us a call on 9838 9088 to have a chat about your wedding ideas today.

2018 highlights

The team at Rocket Events have been lucky enough to work on some fantastic projects throughout the last 12 months. Offering premium event furniture hire in Sydney is a busy gig! But before we get into everything that’s happening this year, we thought we’d give you a taste of some of the highlights from 2018. Each of these projects were rewarding in their own way and we’re looking forward to more great work in the coming year!

Good Food & Wine Show

In late June, we helped Cellarmasters style Vinny the touring cellar door! Using festoon lights, greenery and a lovely white picket fence, we made sure everyone who dropped by felt right at home. This set up was more than enough to grab people’s attention and we’re so glad that we could work with the Cellarmasters team to make this day a success!


The Invictus Games

Last October we joined the team of volunteers to help prepare the venue for the Invictus Games. Getting involved in this awesome event was easily a highlight of last year for the team at Rocket Events. Even the volunteer team were filled with the fantastic energy that the Games inspires. We were lucky to contribute some of our gear to helping the Invictus team and we’re thankful that we met some truly wonderful people.


What to look forward to?

In the coming months we’re going to be looking at a range of different topics to help you prepare and plan your events in 2019. From event styling in Sydney for rustic weddings to the best ways to approach corporate events, we’ve got you covered. If you’re interested in working with our experienced team, give us a call on 9838 9088 to have a chat.

Luxury weddings

Your wedding is one of those significant life events that brings memories you will cherish forever. Starting the next stage of life with your partner is a wonderful moment, especially when you’re surrounded by your loved ones. To ensure that every part of your special day is as perfect as can be, make sure you find the perfect wedding furniture for hire in Sydney because this can take the atmosphere of your wedding to the next level. If you’re yet to choose the theme or styling for your big day, here are a few reasons why a luxury wedding could be the way to go.


Your wedding décor should have a timeless class to it, and luxury styling is something that never really goes out of fashion. The colours you focus on should fit well with a luxury theme. Both white and gold are associated with glamour and elegance, but they also work well together to create a stylish environment for any event. The white wedding is a classic, but with the right details such as textured furniture and colourful floral arrangements you can make it your own.



Luxury event styling in Sydney is a lasting trend. The popularity of social media platforms like Instagram has made appearance even more important as your guests will want to document the experience almost as much as you! Luxury wedding furniture is designed to photograph well and make you feel like a million dollars. Consider getting a flower wall to give your reception a burst of colour and greenery for your guests to pose in front of.



Everyone goes to their fair share of weddings in a lifetime, but you want yours to stand out from the rest. True luxury styling is something we don’t experience often, and it is likely to leave a lasting impression on all your guests. Most importantly, it can make you and your partner feel extra special on your day. Going the extra mile for life’s biggest moments is always worth it.



A luxury wedding needs to run smoothly and to take the pressure off, it’s always a good idea to consider professional help. If you’re prepared to handle most of the planning yourself, it’s important to look into your options for event furniture hire in Sydney because this will determine the overall look and feel of your wedding. Make sure you have someone there on the day to take care of any issues and keep everything in good shape in the lead up to the ceremony. You don’t want to spend half your special day stressing out, leave that to the professionals!

If you need a hand with event furniture hire in Sydney, Rocket Events are the team to call. We specialise in luxury wedding furniture and we know how to make your day extra special. Give us a call on 9838 9088 to have a chat about your wedding plans today.

Corporate events and preparations for the new year!

As 2018 is wrapping up, it’s important to get started on the planning for any new year events that you have in mind. Ideally, you can find a trusted and experienced professional that covers corporate event hire in Sydney. This will help streamline the process and make it a lot easier to stay on top of the things you need to plan during one of the busiest times of year. If you’re not entirely convinced yet, here are a few reasons why a corporate event this new year is in your best interests!

Kick off the New Year in style

You want to show everyone that there are great things to come in 2019. A corporate event to start off the year is a great opportunity to show your employees, partners and public that they have a lot to look forward to. Presenting an appealing event for your organisation will reinforce and improve your image. Use of event furniture hire in Sydney can help take your event to the next level by keeping a consistent theme and boasting impeccable style.

It’s great for company culture

All businesses should invest in improving company culture and corporate events are a great place to start. As much as a new year’s event is about preparing for the future, it’s also a chance to celebrate success from 2018. By acknowledging any company milestones, you can share that success with everyone at the event. Give attendees the chance to network and build meaningful relationships both within and beyond the company.

Motivate and inspire

Corporate events present a great platform to share your goals with the people who have the skills to make them a reality. It’s also an opportunity to inspire your employees and give them a sense of the bigger picture ahead of all the hard work. Give them reasons to make sure they approach their work with a great mindset and maintain that motivation throughout the year.

Whether you hire the professionals to take your event styling to the next level or coordinate the occasion yourself, corporate events will always be an asset to your organisation. If you’re looking for experienced and detail-oriented professionals to help you streamline the process, look no further than Rocket Events. We have helped countless companies prepare their events and can work with you to create the right atmosphere for your occasion. Give us a call on 9838 9088 to have a chat about your business and any of your event needs.

Christmas parties: how to plan for the silly season

Christmas is fast approaching which means it is time for you to treat your team to a good time! We know that this can be one of the busiest times of year, but with corporate event hire in Sydney, a little help from the professionals will ensure that this year’s Christmas party is one of the best! Here are some tips to help you get organised in the lead up to your event.

Plan the date

The date is the first thing you need. Without a date, the rest of the party can’t be planned. Consider setting up a poll to work out which day suits the majority and will get the biggest turn out. Remember that Fridays or weekends are generally the easiest for people but also cost more as they’re in higher demand. Another thing to consider is whether you want a day or night event. A lunch or cruise could be perfect for during the day or for an evening event a cocktail party or gala dinner is the way to go.


Set up a realistic budget from the outset. Your budget and how you manage it will be deciding factors in the success of your event. A big budget doesn’t necessarily mean a great event (although it does help). How you use your budget is what really counts. Divide it up based on what the group wants. Remember that a Christmas Party is supposed to be a celebration of the employee’s efforts for the year, not management. It’s always a good idea to leave some money aside for any unexpected expenses. You can’t plan for everything, but you should always try!

The guests

The next thing is the guest list. Without a ballpark figure it’s difficult to work out the right venue, decorations and catering costs. Work out if you’re going to allow employees to bring another guest. This might make the event more enjoyable for the group but will increase the cost. If there will be a seating arrangement try to group people with colleagues from their own department and some they might not have met.



The venue is likely to be the biggest expense, so this is where sticking to your budget is more important than ever. Try to visit your options in person so that you can get an idea of what the event would look and feel like in that space. Make sure you clarify what’s included because many places will offer on site catering, furniture, equipment or staff which can help you costs. It’s also important to check who is responsible for the clean-up. The morning after a big night is never a good time to spend cleaning up.

There is a lot of effort that goes into planning a Christmas Party for your company. If you want to guarantee a great night with a lot less stress, talking to the professionals is the way to go. Rocket Events have more than twenty years of experience coordinating event styling in Sydney. If you need a hand organising your next event, give us a call on 9838 9088 to get your plans on track.

Garden parties

Now that the warmer months have started to roll in, more and more outdoor events begin popping up in the calendar. From weekend BBQs with the neighbours to engagement parties and baby showers, this is the time of year when outdoor events take centre stage. Set up can prove a little difficult without the right supplies but there are plenty of places to get event furniture for hire in Sydney. Since this is the season when everything starts to come to life, why not throw a blooming gorgeous Garden Party?

How do I find the right outdoor furniture?

The outdoor space you have available for the party will determine how many people you should invite and the kinds of furniture you will need to look at hiring for the occasion. Position comfortable lounges and chairs around coffee tables to make it convenient for guests to rest drinks and food on. Depending on the time of day, you will need to consider shade or lighting options. If you’re hosting a garden party during the day make sure you have plenty of refreshments available and umbrellas protecting lounge areas from too much sun. If you’re planning an afternoon event, consider hiring lanterns or festoon lights to keep the party going into the evening.

outdoor umbrella table chairs furniture   indoor f

How do you style an outdoor event?

Styling a Garden party can be difficult without outdoor furniture hire. Some companies that offer event furniture for hire can also provide stylists to help you create the perfect setting for your guests. These professionals can help you choose colours and textures that complement your surroundings and find the best furniture to suit the occasion. If you find that parts of your garden are a little plain, use bold colours in furniture or accent pieces to balance the space.


To theme or not to theme?

If you’re committed to creating a themed event for your next garden party, there are a few great options for the Spring season. From Alice in Wonderland tea parties for the kids to a Hamptons themed soirée for the ladies, there are plenty of great themes to choose from. If you’re looking to host an event will really take the cake, a Melbourne Cup celebration could be the perfect choice for you. Treat your guests to a day of fabulous fascinators and Spring racing sunshine with sophisticated and stylish decorations for all to admire. Whether you decide to choose a theme or not, a garden party is a brilliant option this season.

If you would like to plan an outdoor event this Spring season, Rocket Events can help you create the perfect party with some of the best event styling in Sydney. Give us a call on 9838 9088 to start organising the party of the season today!